Privacy Policy

Welcome Everyone to The Privacy policy, in order to have a Good and Positive life and stay together, we should stick to simple Rules and Policies, in this page you will read simple policies you can stick with to make use of this blog.

1-Be Positive:

There is no time or space for Negativities,Lets Be Positive and enjoy our moments,Lets use the community to stay together and have good life,respect others's Thoughts.


Lets Respect each others in this community,and use this as Main thing "Treat people as the way you want to be treated".

3-No Links Spam:

Spam Links in The Comment Section is not allowed,Lets Make right use of the comment section, make in mind spam links will BE Banned.

4-No Promotion Comments:

Lets Not use the comment section for promotion, no Promotion Allowed,Just Pure thoughts and wisdom.

Lets Enjoy the life together, and have fun,Make in mind if anyone break one the rules will be banned and also make in mind the Policies will be  change from time to time.