Welcome Everybody to the About,in This Page you will read about the blog, and what it contain from content.

The Name of the blog, is something i just named, it doesn't mean anything, its just i name i like, sometime i like to create different names,so it get stuck in my mind, and never leave, so  picked one of them.

This is not a Blog, this is   a Community, where everyone can Read And Share thoughts, And Meet other People,well Lets make a use of the comments Feature and have positive life.

The Blog Will Be With Different Topics,as for now the blog will talk about Technology and related stuff, and the other topic will be About Travel, a beautiful places around the world, i might write about hotels but i'm not sure,i will look at it, its originally, i write them, i don't Copy them,i might take the details from other sites or blogs, but i write them,i also create my own posts so, i hope you like them.

I have a Social Media Accounts you can follow me, to get the best of this Blog, and stay toned for the latest news.



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