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The Cook islands

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Today's post gonna be another island, i have talked about few of islands,one of it was in the Pacific Ocean,This island is name cook islands,and it comprises 15 islands, and its in the south  South Pacific Ocean in free association with New Zealand,this island consider as island country, in case you don't know what is the island country,the island country is a country whose primary territory consists of one or more islands or parts of islands.

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The island covers 1,800,000 square kilometres (690,000 sq mi) of ocean, and the cook's islanders are citizens of New Zealand,and they have the status of Cook Islands nationals, which is not given to other New Zealand citizens,the cook island main population centres are on the island of Rarotonga, the Rarotonga is one of the islands in the cook island, and the population is 10,572 as in 2011,and also there is an international airport, also there is a larger population of Cook Islanders in New Zealand, particularly the North Island. In the 2006 census, 58,008 self-identified as being of ethnic Cook Islands Māori descent.

alright, let me explain for you more about the 15 islands in the cook islands, if you wish to go to the cook islands and spend some times in the islands, where to go ?, okay,decide between these islands i will mention.

The Cook islands consist of South and North and also other islands i will mention as well, and not to forget there is also two reefs.

The Southern Cook islands:

  • Nga-pu-Toru (the term means "the (nga) roots (pu) three (toru)")
  • Atiu (land of the birds)
  • Ma'uke (and also can be called Akatokamanava)
  • Mitiaro (known as Nukuroa)
  • Takutea (The original name of the island was Areuna)

The Northern Cook islands:

  • Manihiki (Island of Pearls)
  • Nassau
  • Penrhyn Atoll (also called Tongareva, Mangarongaro, Hararanga, and Te Pitaka)
  • Pukapuka (coral atoll)
  • Rakahanga
  • Suwarrow (also called Suvorov, Suvarou, or Suvarov)
  • Tema Reef (this reef also can be called Tima, and its one of the two reefs in the cook island)

this is the southern and the northern islands in the cook islands, i have talked about Rarotonga as one of the cook island but it wasnt included in the south or north group,because its not in the south or north but sill its one of the cook islands,and also the second reef in the cook is Winslow Reef,and these islands are also part of the cook islands, Aitutaki ,Mangaia,Palmerston Island this island sometimes grouped with the Northern Group.and last one is Manuae.

i think this is everything you want to know about the cook island,you have reached to the end of this article, thank you  so much for reading,wait its not the end, do not forget to enjoy the pictures, other than have a great day!

The Cook islands

The Cook islands

The Cook islands

The Cook islands

The Cook islands

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