Sunday, January 8, 2017

Atlantis The Palm Hotel

Hello everyone, welcome back to the blog, today's first post gonna be about hotel, i'v talked about the palm in dubai,and if you decided to go there, and you want a property to stay, so i decided to post this very good hotel known as the Atlantis.

The Atlantis hotel located in the palm jumeirah,and it do have a great view of the palm,so if you want to go there  and want prefect view for the palm, just try this hotel,alright to get a good picture about where you sitting at, i will write little bit about this hotel.

The hotel opened on september 15, 2008 as a joint venture between "Kerzner International Holdings Limited" and "Istithmar",and it was the first resort to be built on the island and is themed on the myth of Atlantis,and if you have't tried this hotel, it has two wings,and its consisting of the East and the West Tower, both linked together by the Royal Bridge Suite,and so this hotel referred to as the Royal Towers,and if you wonder how many rooms this hotel have, the hotel have 1,539 room.

I think its enough talking about the hotel, lets jump to the features and services in the hotel, every hotel of course have features and good services for their costumers, so lets take a look at what this hotel have.

Atlantis The Palm Features&Services:

  • Free Wifi (of course everyone want to browser the internet so, this is important i guess)
  • Free Parking (if you have car and you want to park near by you room, well that possible and its free in the atlantis)
  • Fitness Center (most people want to be fit and healthy, so while you going for vacation you can also keep the fitness)
  • Family Rooms (suitable also for families, in case you want to go with your family, don't worry you spend your time with your family in this hotel)
  • Massage (good service, get a massage)

And also this hotel have some great activities you can do, like Tennis court, you can play tennis with friends and family, and also you learn the Golf, because you can find Golf course in the site, anyway this is it about this hotel,and last thing if you decided to book a room for you, click here, or here.

You have reached to the end of this article, thank you so much for reading, i hope you like this article,but before you go, enjoy the view  of this hotel, comment down below your thoughts about this hotel.

photos credit: Atlantis the palm