Monday, January 9, 2017

App Review: Polyvore

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the blog, today, i'm gonna review a great app, it will help you to pick your style,if you have a party or even going in date, and you don't know what to pick, this app will help you to pick the best,and will save you time, and also you can see other people rating and voting for other styles of fashions.

The App allow you to, chose your style fashion, men and women,and also for your home,if you searching something for your home and you don't know what is the best, well this app is good,what i like about this app is you can search anything you want, for examples shirts, or pants, and also this app have trends section, where you can see the trends products.

First i'm going through what you gonna see before you search and pick your style,don't worry though you can see, how it looks like and i think you gonna love it, but before you have to set the app first.

The app also allow you to see mailbox, where you can see other messages, i have no idea how it work,but i think when someone message or something  it appear in the mailbox, and also show you the activity you have done, we gonna go through the app, right now.

Polyvore step one

Alright, as you can see in the photo, and what it says, you can shop the best look picked for you, which mean, you can pick the best look in the app,anyway i think its obvious that you need account for this app to use, and the account will be use to save your picks and vote or rate and comments.
Polyvore step two

You can sign in with your social media accounts, but if you decide to use this app with your email, here what it will be looks like,you still can link it with your social media accounts, as you can see after the password, it comes on automatically so if you want to just leave it, if not then turn it off.

Polyvore step three

Next come with this step, which let you start with liking 3 outfits, it will give you bunch of outfits, and you pick your favorite one, and if you still don't have or you don't want to pick, just click skip and it will allow you to go to the next page.

Polyvore step four

I screenshot one of the  outfit you can like,as you can see in the bottom of the photo another heart,it's for the next outfit, and you scroll down you will find more, as you scroll down you will find new outfits.

Polyvore step five

Before you can use the app,the app will ask you if you want to turn on the notifications, and its up to you if you want to know the latest activities and keep updated with the app, you can click Turn on push notification, if you don't and want to do it later, just click no thanks, maybe later, and you can do it from the setting in the app. 

Polyvore step six

Alright, here is what the app looks like, as you can see in the bottom the pages, the first one is the feed which i didnt take picture for it, because i think everyone know what it is, its the latest trends and activities,like someone posted new outfit picks,anyway lets move to the next page which the browse page, where you can search about outfits or products, or even members, people  using the same app, i think you can keep interact with each others,if you don't have anything to search and want to explore, there is menu for you, as you cans see in the bottom of the search box, there is menu.

Polyvore step seven

I decided to show you more products that in the trend menu,and you can scroll down,you will find more and more products. 

Polyvore step eight

Moving to the next page in the browse page, its the top picks page, this page depend on people voting,and commenting, as you can see in the photo the most liked one gonna be in the top picks one, and you can like it and comment your thoughts about the outfit,if you want to know more you can scroll down as well, and also its not only for women, there is a menu for men too,and home picks as well, this is it about this page moving to the next page which the  last page we gonna take a look at, and its the create page.

Polyvore step nine

The Create page, where you can create your style and publish to the public and allow others to check your style, and if they like it they will give you a vote or like, or even maybe comment on it, anyway you can also see others styles in the trend page in the photo, and also there contest about the most liked style and stuff, i have tried yet, but i'm sure it will be like,the winner who have the most liked style, i mean of course the most liked one is the best one so.

Polyvore step ten

Anyway, The page will look like this and if you want to create your style, there is two option, one of the drag option gonna talk about it in the next photo,however the second option is with photo, i  haven't tried as well but i think its obvious you take a picture with your style,and publish it.

Polyvore step eleven

 This is the last photo we gonna look  at, and its how to create your style with drag option, as you can see in the picture, there is a place  where you can drag, and the options below where you can pick clothes and stuff, you can use the three menu in the bottom, which show you all the items or the suggested one, or even your items.

You have reached to the end of this article, i hope this article is useful for you, i hope you like it, please don't forget to drop your thoughts about this article,oh yeah i forget where you can get it, you can click here
for iphones:

For ipads:

i'm sorry for androids, you can search  Polyvore to get the app, i have no idea how to get a link for the app in android, i will try to get a link for the future posts, have a great day!