Saturday, January 7, 2017

App Review: Human App

Hello everyone, i decided to add something new to my blog in the tech industry,its app review,i think its something some people would love to read and know about apps, maybe you search for app to help you in something,and you couldn't find it, well this is the reason why i decided to add this topic in my blog, to help people to reach apps they search about,you got a question in mind, how do you know what people want ?, well i don't but i will do most of great apps, might interest you.

First app i will review is, Human App,The human app is something good when you want to know your daily activities, like how much did you burn fats,if you have billy and want to burn some fats, this is really prefect app for you, also if you are interested in knowing how much you ran, or how much you ran, or maybe you want to know your heart Rate.

Anyway lets go through steps, on how to set the app, and how it looks like, i'm gonna go step by step through the app.

step number one

 Alright this is the first step as you can see in the background, human is the app and its simplest way to understand how active you really are, so there is two option in the bottom of this background,i'm  new, and sign in, sign in is only option when you have been gone through i'm new option, because its just for people who already registered in the app, so you gonna click i'm new.

step number two

After you click in the i'm new you gonna go through i can call it  quotes, and there is button in the bottom, if you gonna use this app, then click, Great i'm in.

step number three

And then you gonna go to this background picture, with good quote,and to use this app you gonna have to set up an account in order to sign in again, but before you set up the account, you can set the app and allow it for important things in order to work.

step number four

First thing you can allow it to access your motion and fitness activity,i think its important to allow as you can use this app, because it the way how it gonna read your activities.

step number five

And them allow it to access to your location, to get better view of where you going, and what around, also the app have great feature where you can see who around you using the same app,and more info.

step number six

Last thing the app want to access is, i mean it's not access but allow it to send you notification, when you hit milestone, and more.

step number seven

Okay now you need to create an account to allow to sign in back when you sign out, and account to let you set up your data,you just click, okay set me up.

step number eight

And you will go to this page where you can put up your email and name, so put your name and your email, and you are close of using this app.

step number nine

The app will ask you to allow it to access, your location but its okay just click allow, but before you click let's go, read the the tip above the button, its a tip that will help to use it in the right way,to make read your activities, you need to just keep your phone in your bag or pocket,

step number ten

This step is where you chose what the app should write, here is bunch of options you can chose, and its up to you, you pick whatever you want.

step number eleven
Here is another options,to see it just scroll down in the page,and what you seeing is options that allow the app read,the previous step is to write data, and this step is to read data.

step number twelve

Finally, after you allow the app to read and write data you want, you see this again, and in order you didn't read it in the previous step, then you can read it again, its a tip allow you to use this app in the right way.

step number thirteen

 Here in this page you can see a lot of pages,i'm sorry i wont write about all of those pages, but its obvious  if you read the titles,anyway i will just write about the clubs, because its something you want to understand what you will see in this page.

step number fourteen

Start a club help you to compare your self to other people, and see the difference, again i wont write about the steps of how you start your club, because its easy thing to do just follow the steps as shown, and you ready to rock and roll.

You have reached to the end of this article, well thank you so much for reading, i would love to hear your opinion on what you thing about this idea ?, is it good or bad, and there is no link to direct app, in the side bar there is iTunes, click in the app banner and search for it, just write "Human App",and for android i'm sorry but soon i will have a link for the products for Samsung phones, or any phone that using android app store, once again thank you so much for reading, i hope its good, do not forget to share your thoughts on this idea, other than that have a great day!.  


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