Saturday, December 31, 2016

Video Call Feature in the Whats-App

 The Whats-App  Company finally will Add The most  requested feature, its important to have Video Call in the community apps,The Whats-app is  one of the community apps, and it didn’t have this Feature yet, but the company decided to add this Feature  and support free video calling,the company announced Monday. The feature, set to arrive “in the coming days,” allows Whats-App users to hold one-to-one video calls, in addition to voice calls and text chats.

whats app video chat

The Feature will be located in same place as voice calls, under the phone icon in one-on-one chats,and if you wonder or you have this question,”is the Feature will include A Group Video Call”,well For now its not support The Group Video Call,The Whats-app said in The statement “video calling had long been among the app’s most-requested features”.

in The Whats-app Company Blog They Said “We want to make these features available to everyone, not just those who can afford the most expensive new phones or live in countries with the best cellular networks”,and The Company’s Feature “Video Call”  is optimized for people in these markets will make update will be particularly impactful in countries like India and  yeah this is it about this post, at the end giving the credit to the original post,you find it in

Friday, December 30, 2016

Samsung recalled 2.8 million washing machines

This is crazy Samsung Recalled a lot of their washing machines,its unbelievable number for Samsung Company, and Samsung had Bad Issues with their phone too, the Galaxy Note 7, and now the company have issues with their washing machines,from March 2011 to November 2016 the Recall affects 34 different Samsung top-loading models,Elliot Kaye said in this case “We’re talking about… a very serious hazard of the top of these washing machines completely blowing off”, and also the chairman of the CPSC also have a talk in this case too and he said “It is a lot of reports”,actually it is so many people have issues.

washing machine

well the Note 7 had exploding issues and i think it caused something like hurt or maybe something less i don't know but for sure it did, because there no way it didn’t effect, and the company also have the same issue to the washing machine,its like around 730 washer units had exploded, this is crazy and also that caused 9 injuries,this information was by the U.S. Product Safety Commission (CPSC),and they announced on Good Morning America Friday.

well Samsung trying to fix this problem because of course this will make the company lose consumers , so they made three options include the one-year extension of the manufacturer’s warranty,The first one is Free in-home repair of the machine you get it by the name, its obvious and also includes reinforcement of the washer’s faulty top.

and the second option is receive a rebate applied toward the purchase of a new washing machine, so the consumer get a new one and whether it’s a Samsung unit or not.  and also This will include free installation of the new washer and removal of the old one,and the last one is consumers can receive a full refund if they purchased their washing machine within the past 30 days of the recall announcement,well this can help good but what if the company look in this case and figure out what is the problem and fix that will help Samsung to get Safety product.

The CPSC issued a warning to alert product owners of “safety issues” with some of Samsung’s top-loading washing machines and that was back in September,you have reached to the end of this post, thank you for reading the post i hope it was good, the credit for the original post was from, go to check them out, other than that have a good day.

The AI technology in our world

Hello there everyone,after two days of break i'm back, today i'm post two posts as i promised in my twitter, if you are not following yet, click here and follow me,anyway lets back to the post, today post is a guest post, which mean you will have a link down in the last post, for the post you can go and check it out.

today's post talking about the AI and what have made of it, but before i start i'm sure some people doesn't know what is the AI so let me tell you what is it, the AI(Artificial intelligence) is intelligence exhibited by machines,an ideal "intelligent" machine is a flexible rational agent that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal, i hope you got the idea, simply its the robot, robots use the AI, have you seen  A Robot in  the customer service,in hotels or maybe Restaurants.

The AI

The AI Could Be Something you can Replace in the customer service, or anything you want to replace, the AI could Helpers ,or they could be a  Employees,also you can make as  Body  guards,as long as you Program it well it could do the job right,and they can save money and can work better than human, humans could be late for the work, human want money as return for their work,they can save money and keep the work rolling, i don't recommend trust the AI in everything, because there is something humans only can do, so pick the right job for everyone.

The AI could be for Home works, for mothers work maid,and also gardener, and dish washer,and dry cleaner,and more and more, well The AI could be an assistant to do the right job, and save you as mother energy, as i said you don't trust it in everything, there is something humans only can do, like take care of baby, The AI doesn't have feeling so maybe it will hurt the baby and doesn't know how to fix the problem, so just to remember not to Trust the AI for everything.

The AiI work as Employee, if you have company and have suck employees who come late, or not do the job right, well you could replace them with AI, also if you missing some employees for jobs in you company, well the AI come in hand, you can also use the AI as an Extra employee, like a employee to make you coffee and bring to your office, or help you deliver the papers to the manger in the other office.

The AI work as Body guard, well if you are going out alone and you faced some people want to fight, i think the AI will Beat them, haha i think that's so much, well if it was programmed as boxer it will be,and more like to assist  you to be safe day and night.

so this is pretty much about the AI, is something you can use and help, you can have an assistant, or Body guard or also as employee if you have company, anyway you have reached to the end of this article thank you for reading don't forget to visit the original post, click to read it, other than that have good time.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Google Earth VR experience

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Amazing experience  in the virtual reality, you got to watch the world using the VR how amazing is that?, i wish i can try it though,you can try the google Earth VR for free in the steam Store app using the HTC, and Google Earth VR starts out by offering tours of various cities around the globe. Yes, do take those tours: You’ll need a primer before you test out your new, godly VR powers.

world VR experience

How you Explore the world using the HTC, you gonna start the tutorial with  The HTC Vive controller, you can click and drag your way through megalopolises like Tokyo and New York, towering over 3D Google Earth renderings of the cities that give you the sense of what Godzilla must feel like when stomping his way through the streets of Shibuya, after that you gonna start the real fun.
After the Tutorial Step you gonna flex your planet spanning muscles independently,and  When you’re ready, you gonna be out of the earth among the stars and looking toward the earth as Marvel’s Galactus might as he considers sapping our planet of its natural resources,and you can point anywhere you want to go,Once you’ve picked a spot on the planet, you simply press Forward to dive down into a spot or Back to fly back into the sky and watch the cities and mountains shrink under your feet.

its awesome experience  you can try it, its not that incredible but still its cool experience   to explore the world and it work exactly  like the google earth but in the VR,anyway you have reached to the end of this post hope you enjoyed,have good day.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Awesome Features in The New Mac Pro

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Marry Christmas eve Everyone,and happy holidays, Hope you had a great Christmas,anyway lets start the post for today so today i'm gonna talk about Awesome Features in The New Mac Pro.

As we all know that the Apple Company just released A new Mac and its Mac pro, The Company Redesigned it and they added new awesome features to the mac, they made it more attractive, and more powerful than before,and i will mention the awesome Features in the mac.

Apple Mac pro

The Color:
The company added the a new  color called Space Gray, and that make the mac look Fresh, because i don’t think they have done it before.

The Size:

The Company also made Different sizes for the mac, the first size is 13-inch, and there is also larger than this and its 15-inch, you can also find a cheap model for  13-inch MacBook pro, in case you don’t want to spend much more money and it start from $1,499,but the difference is the cheap one is has traditional function keys instead of the Touch Bar, and if you want to know about the price for the mac pro, the 13-inch is $1,799 its pretty close but still there difference in the price, and the 15-inch is $1,999,in case you want to buy one for yourself.

The Thunderbolt 3:

well the traditional ports no more exist, Instead of that the company made a new ones and they are new ports called Thunderbolt 3, these ports used for almost everything, charging, connecting accessories, and video output to external displays and can also work with USB-C standard that’s starting to show up in more gadgets,but The Thunderbolt ports mean you’ll have to buy new cables and adapters to connect your gadgets.

The Touch Bar:

this one new to the mac and this one of the best new feature and its a touchscreen at the top of the keyboard that replaces traditional function keys with digital keys,and also this feature is smart it change depend on the app you using, i think this awesome thing, some of the function you can do with it is You can customize the keys on the left side of the screen,and also i don’t think i’v heard about it but they have also the Siri Button, and of course the standard function keys, like brightness and volume controls.

and also in the Touch Bar for Safari the Apple Browser,there Additional Functions like forward/back buttons, a search bar, and a button to launch a new tab,and also When you launch a new Safari tab, you get buttons that let you launch your favorite bookmarks,this is awesome,and also when you watch a video in the new mac pro the a controller pops up that lets you play/pause or scrub through video, and if you wondered what if i open a a photo in the new mac pro, it also pop bunch of standard editing tools for cropping, adding filters, and more,and if you mailing worker if you use the mails sites like Hotmail or gmail it also have clever function keys. You can quickly sort through mail or change the formatting of your messages.

in The Touch Bar there is also a Touch ID fingerprint sensor embedded in the power button at the end of the Touch Bar, i think this also awesome one you don’t have to put a password anymore just use the Touch ID fingerprint and you are safe i think more safe because the password may be stole or hacked but they cant steal your finger or hacked it, and also if you want to send an Emjoy you can have that in Touch Bar too its crazy but awesome, if you using iMessage, i think you can find it in the right side,you have reached to the end of this post, hope it was good for you, as always the credit for the original post, from if you would to read more go check them,other than that have a good day.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Apple rumored to launch new iPad

 Apple Company just rumored to launch new 10.9-inch iPad with edge-to-edge screen, the new i-pad might be in march 2017, and the screen will be bigger than the current one, its good idea  the big screen the more people will like the i-pad, for most people who use the i-pad for work or for reading books or even for watching movies or videos,according to a Barclays Research note obtained by MacRumors,Apple’s i-Pads are rumored to be getting refreshed in the spring.

big ipad and small ipad

The apple company currently considering three differently sized displays for new i-Pads,so it will be there one the 10.9-inch and also will be  9.7-inch and will be larger than these two and it will be 12.9-inch,and the last one of course will be the larger one,there is something interesting in the Barclays’ note and that’s the new i-pad’s screen will be “bezel-free”, that mean the screen will be  stretch edge-to-edge. The iPad’s physical dimensions reportedly won’t change,they gonna change only the screen so everything will be the same.

for apple to remove the Home button/Touch iD sensor it would be a huge departure,a design could also serve as a glimpse at the iPhone 8, which is also rumored to have bezel-free screens, also in the report state the ipad 4 mini will remain, but won’t be updated which that means it will be the complete opposite of another rumor from last month that said Apple might be working on an iPad Mini Pro.

the last thing in the report that, the analysts claim the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will get the 9.7-inch’s quad microphones and superior True-Tone display and improved 12-megapixel i-Sight camera and True Tone flash, its good have a refreshed i-pads everyone will be refreshed again, i think if they don’t refresh it it wont be boring but it wont be as good as they refresh it.

anyway you have reached to the end of this article, thank you for reading, credit to the original you will find it at go check them, and other than that have good day.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Snapchat unveils its vending machine “Snapbot”

 later on, after the snap-chat company unveiled its their spectacles, they installed a vending machines that you can buy the glasses from or as they call it the spectacles, its pretty good vending machine,the vending machine is yellow machine with a eye in middle of it,which look more than a little bit like Minions,the company called the machine snap-bots, i think its the only way how you will get the spectacles,and about where you can find the vending machine.


you can find the vending machine in beaches i guess this is where they can put it as of the first snap-bots where made in near Snap-chat’s headquarters in Venice Beach on Thursday,and also the company has created a map for customers to keep track as additional vending machines are added or relocated,no idea yet about how much they gonna put and where else they gonna put, for sure in time they gonna be everywhere as of its growth,its awesome thing to have with snap-chat app, this is the big move for the snap-chat.

they also renamed the company to “Snap.Inc”,the price of the spectacles is 129.99$, and Snap’s sunglasses have drawn comparisons to Google Glass, another smart-glasses product that ultimately flopped after a period of public beta testing. If nothing else, it’s clear that Snap-chat is following a very different playbook.

after the company made its first vending machine the snap-chat users headed to it, everyone tweeted their photos while they taking the spectacles, i think it will a way to the snap.Inc growth, it will make the app even more fun with it.

you have reached to the end of the post, thank you for reading and if you like the post make sure to give someone else the opportunity to read by sharing in the social media,the original post was from CNN make sure to check them out,have good day.

Friday, December 23, 2016

The Snap-chat’s Spectacles

 to be honest i didn’t hear about the snap-chat’s Spectacles  till now,i should’v know that the first they got it online but its such amazing thing for Snap-chat users,it makes it super easy to use and fun and its the most important thing the “fun”, you just wear it and feel it,i guess it wasn’t that old,but hundreds of people lining up at their first Snap-bot pop-up vending machine location in Venice Beach.

Snap-chat’s Spectacles

The Spectacles are yellow  and have top left and top right, the top right the camera side and the top left is the flash that show friends or whoever you are capturing, its easy and simple to use,you can find it in Spectacles, alot of people are using it.
how to use Snap-chat  Spectacles:

its easy to  use follow the steps:

1-Press the button to make a 10‑second Snap,the button in top right where the flash is.

2-Specs make memories, from your perspective,this is the glasses in the spectacles.

3-Lights show friends you’re Snapping,this is in the top left.

4-and you can Wirelessly add your Snaps to Memories on Snap-chat.

5-and you have  also Specs charge in their case.

so this is everything you want to know about the snap-chat spectacles, and you roll around and have fun,the company declined to comment on its release plans. But it seems that if it’s adding support for the glasses to the app, their release must be round the corner,and As part of the update,the  Snapchat also released what it’s calling “World Lenses,” which are essentially dynamic filters that make use of a smartphone’s outward-facing camera. Until now, the lenses Snapchat developed were generally intended to be used by the rear-facing camera, to pick up faces and alter them in some way—the new filters overlay effects onto other objects in the world, beyond just faces.

but It’s not clear whether Spectacles will be able to overlay filters as the wearer is looking through them, or whether they’ll have to apply filters on their phones once they’ve recorded a video. Snapchat declined to comment on how World Lenses will work with Spectacles.

so this is everything i guess you have reached the end of this post, i just saw the spectacles and i thought why not doing a post of it, it seems interesting,as i said you can check it in their website, the Spectacles, and try yourself and have fun.

Russian banks hit by cyber-attack

 banks is the important thing to focus on with security, because it keep a big amount of money,the Russian banks got hit by The Cyber-Attacks,in case you don’t know what is the Cyber-Attack is, its an attempt by hackers to damage or destroy a computer network or system,the Attack Type for the Russian Banks was “DDoS” Which its “Distributed Denial of Service”,and The state-owned sber-bank was one target of the prolonged attacks.


there is five banks in Russian has been attacked,under intermittent cyber-attack for two days that was a report from the country’s banking regulator,and also the Security Company “Kaspersky “,said that the attacks were among the largest it had seen aimed at Russian banks,there is reasons why it has been attacked and the main reason having a poor password,people shouldn’t make a easy and poor password.

and about the data, The data floods began on 8 November and have continued intermittently ever since, it added,the  Security Company “Kaspersky” also said the most persistent attack went on for almost 12 hours,but Most of the data deluges lasted about 60 minutes,the Sber-bank  had  a statement said in it,”it was able to neutralise the attack without affecting the ongoing operation of its website. It said it had suffered 68 similar attacks in 2016 but the ones in November ranked among the biggest it had faced”.

this is one of the banks that has been attacked,and the other 4 banks did not released,but they also believe its the biggest attack that happened for them in Russian,the Security Company “Kaspersky ” also said that the Devices that has been used for the attack was from different countries,it was “USA” and also “India” and “Taiwan”  and “Israel”,the hackers behind the DDoS attacks are believed to have generated the huge amounts of data by taking over smart devices such as webcams and digital video recorders that use easy to guess passwords.

A report from the banking regulator said that Russian state agencies that tackle cyber-crime had been informed of the attacks,well its not only the banks, the next month similar attacks caused widespread disruption  with many popular sites, like “Reddit ” and “Spotify” and also “Twitter”,be careful with your password strength  and the devices you use such as “webcam”,be aware and remember that they can hack everything.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Apple play in the emerging market of self-driving vehicles

 hello everyone, and welcome again,so anyway lets start the post, as you read the title the apple  company publicly revealed autonomous vehicle ambitions in letter to US regulators, and company want to play in the emerging market of self-driving vehicles with a policy recommendation letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Apple Company

here is a thing, the apple company did not revealed the Precise details of Apple automotive products in the letter But it did state this "Apple uses machine learning to make its products and services smarter, more intuitive, and more personal. The company is investing heavily in the study of machine learning and automation, and is excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation".

Steve Kenner the Apple Director of Product Integrity who wrote the state i just mention, and also he wrote  the letter calls for policies that will bring about: a clear understanding of who is liable for problems that occur when cars drive themselves; the maintenance of users’ privacy, cybersecurity and physical safety; and ensuring that the impact of self-driving cars on the public is as positive as can be.

And the Apple Company strongly calls for policies that treat newcomers in the automotive industry the same as incumbent leaders. A new automaker should not have to disclose more information about their autonomous vehicles, the letter suggests, before they test them on public roads in a safe and controlled manner.

you have reached to the end of this post, thank you for reading till this point, i hope the post was good for you, and have good day.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

LyfieEye tiny affordable 360-degree camera for smartphones

 YouTube and Facebook's support for 360-degree photos and video has sparked mainstream consumer interest in broadcasting your life in this format.

But most 360-degree cameras on the market require a little bit of tech knowhow, whether it's pairing with your phone successfully, or figuring out how to get the media onto the internet.


The LyfieEye is a new, tiny plug-in camera from Santa Clara startup eCapture, that promises to lower the barrier as far as possible.

During a hands-on demo, we were impressed that the stitching between the two front and back cameras appeared reasonably seamless. Its HD picture quality isn't as sharp as some of the higher-end competitors, however, but will be sufficient for a Facebook Live.

The LyfieEye app shows a live view of what the camera's filming, and allows you to compress and post your creations directly to your social network of choice when you're done.

The app also allows you to trim your videos, but a future update may allow you to limit the scope of filming from the current 360-degrees to a narrower view, said Sherwayn Tan, eCapture's vice president. "Sometimes you want to film everything but yourself if you're camera shy," he said.

The only disappointment? The LyfieEye is Android-only. Tan explained that Apple has more stringent requirements for third party hardware, especially for those that draw power from the device. It would be several more hoops to jump through for the camera to be compliant with iPhones, so eCapture decided to just focus on Android.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

GoDaddy buys WordPress services

 the Web-hosting firm GoDaddy is beefing up its services after it acquired WP Curve, a bootstrapped startup offering services and support for WordPress websites. The deal is undisclosed, but it will see NYSE-listed GoDaddy pick up WP Curve’s customer base, assets and “a few dozen” of its 39-person team.


 WP Curve was founded three years ago by Australia-based Dan Norris and Alex McClafferty to give WordPress customers a central point of call for a range of services, like security, design, SEO, traffic growth, conversion and more. Basically, anything that can help sustain and grow a website and online business. The site offers various membership tiers starting from $79 per month. It claims over 1,000 paying members and more than 44,000 “jobs” completed since June 2013.

With this acquisition, GoDaddy will provide best-in-class, 24×7 WordPress support, ranging from quick content changes, installing plugins, and security/back up. WP Curve aligns perfectly with our GoDaddy Pro strategy supporting the WordPress community and fills a critical gap between standard customer care and the fully custom WordPress developer that GoDaddy Pro or Professional Web Service offers.

WP Curve said in a blog post that the deal came together this summer when its team first met with GoDaddy and identified synergies. Following the acquisition, existing WP Curve customers will be transitioned over to GoDaddy in order to continue their WP Curve membership. Norris, who runs a number of other projects, including a craft beer business, won’t be moving over, but McClafferty will join GoDaddy to lead the WP Curve product.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How to Make The Texts Bold in iPhone 5 and later

 Hello everyone, welcome back to the Blog,i'm back it was long time since i posted the last post,anyway i came with an idea, i decided to Make Tutorials in Tech Industry, i know there is alot of it, but i like to write my own tutorials, and also you can suggest me an tutorials and i will try to make it, anyway in this tutorial post i'm gonna show you guys how to make The Texts bold in the iPhone 5,5s,6,6plus,and any iPhone in 9.3.3 version,yeah i know there is version 10 and its cooler, but for those who still in 9.3.3 and want to know it, this is for you, and also if you have a friend you might want to help.

Home Screenshot

 1-Step number one is Go to Settings

Setting icon screenshot

You can find Settings in the home screen, i think its in the first page, but you might moved to other page, anyway if its not in the first page search for it and click it on it.

 2-Step number two is Click on Display & Brightness:

Setting screenshot

 After you find The Settings icon, and clicked on it, scroll down till you see The Display&Brightness list, and then click on it.

 3-Last Step is Turn on The Bold Text:

Brightness and display Screenshot

 As you can see in the last list, there is bold Text, Turn it on and then the iPhone will be like this.

Process screenshot

 Don't worry its just the process of change, the iPhone being changed to bold text, and then it will be something like this.

bold text screenshot