Wednesday, November 9, 2016

iPhone 8's wireless charging

Wireless Charger

what an great idea to charge the phone, the wireless charging,apple company thinking to add the wireless charging feature to the new iPhone its the 8,it would so cool if they do it, imagine you can charge the phone without plug-in, put it in  the table and let it charge or you can also use the phone from distance and still charging its awesome.

according to a report the Chinese manufacturing company that builds electronics including the iPhone, is reportedly testing wireless charging modules that might make it into next year's iPhone 8,the company was widely expected to use new displays made out of more scratch-resistant sapphire glass in the iPhone 6 and 6 plus  But poor yield rates from sapphire glass producer GT Advanced Technologies forced Apple to ditch it for "ion-strengthened" glass.

there were various leaks for the iPhone 7 that  showing an iPhone 7 Plus model with a smart connector(its more like the one on the iPad Pros) on the backside,for sure  that model never materialized,Low yield rates could also corner Apple into including the feature only on a high-end model,its more like  like the dual cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Back in January we'v heard that the iPhone 8 will have wireless charging so its not the first time to hear this,and also Apple already has a few patents for such wireless charging tech,but It's not a completely far-fetched idea,the apple watch have this feature the "wireless charging", and also for more wireless charging would resolve the whole "iPhone 7's included Lightning cable doesn't work with the new Mac-book Pros" issue that's been irritating some customers.

The Next year it will be the apple's 10th anniversary of the iPhone, and the Apple company  is reportedly planning a major overhaul. The iPhone 8 is expected to have a refreshed design that might lose the bezels, integrate the Touch ID sensor underneath the screen, and sport an OLED display.

i like the wireless charging idea if apple do that to the iPhone it will something huge and everyone will like it,you have reached to the end of this article i hope it was good,have good day.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How The Siri's Creator Could Help Save Samsung

everyone know the Siri in all the phones in the world, Samsung company dominates the smartphone industry so much so that one in every five handsets sold worldwide come from the South Korean technology giant,so there is a new virtual assistant that could help South Korean tech giant recover from its exploding battery woes,because of the Samsung galaxy 7's problem, the screen,the problem was from the battery that cause the phone overheat.


anyway the vendors are looking looking to capitalize with large-screened flagship alternatives like the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel,and also the Samsung company should find a way to fox the problem,so the new Samsung galaxy S8 it will be flagship and also will add a new feature and that's the siri it will be a new Siri-like digital aide.

it was significant strategy for the company to improve smartphone hardware,something like the screen for the company's smartphones, and  also the cameras for smartphones, i guess its awesome to improve things the better it is the more people will love it,Samsung company will reportedly bring the devices to a broad range of its devices after it arrives on the upcoming phone.

the new tech for Samsung will be based  on software from Viv Labs,its an AI firm recently acquired by Samsung and led by Dag Kittlaus,first caught for the Viv Labs's technology community’s attention it was this past may,when it demonstrated its platform at TechCrunch Disrupt,the reason why Viv’s product turned heads,it because it appeared  to be far more advanced than Siri and other rivals, like Google’s Google Now, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Whether Samsung’s technique that called "digital assistant", it will help recover from the Note 7 crisis will depend on how useful it actually is,there is Another issue the Samsung company working on its first AI  assistant,while the Samsung rivals like Apple and Google are busy improving the software they’ve been building for years.

anyway the new Samsung smartphone will be late, The Wall Street Journal says to expect it as late as April of 2017,there is still hope for Samsung to comeback but that if Viv’s AI software can help make it  hit.

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pokemon GO's new Pokemon tracker in select places outside San Francisco

As all we know the game, Pokemon Go got a new system for finding nearby Pokemon and it did work in exclusively in San Francisco well, here good news to tell you guys, and also there bad news beside that.

Pokemon Go

the company for pokemon go has add the pokemon tracker  outside san francisco, but as its still new and developed process, its not for everyone and this is kind a bad news,the company  announced a small roll out on their Facebook page.

the company listed the areas that can get this feature,so the places that can get it are, The rest of the San Francisco Bay Area and the company said  (we’ve confirmed it’s up and working in Oakland),and also Parts of Arizona the company  didnt specify which parts, but i think  its the major cities), and also The Seattle area of Washington.

about the feature The hobbled tracking system has been one of the most complained-about issues in the game — it makes the game less about tracking nearby Pokémon and more about wandering aimlessly. The game had a tracking system at launch that seemed to work well enough, but it was disabled within the week as the game’s servers crumbled under the strain of the hype train.

the newer tracker isn’t quite the same as the one that appeared at launch. Whereas the original system used a set of footprint icons to convey distance and thus allowed the player to figure out when they were walking in the right direction, the new system instead tells you which PokéStop a Pokemon is near. And if the Pokémon isn’t near any Poké Stop… well, you’re back to walking aimlessly.

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