Friday, January 20, 2017

How to treat the Depression

 Hello everyone,Welcome to The blog, i'm sorry yesterday i couldn't do a post and that's because i had internet issues, and now i'm back,anyway lets start the post.

Today's post gonna be The Depression and how to treat it, gonna provide a good tips to treat the depression because its something that we don't want to include it in our life, we want to live happy,anyway its not that reason only, but it has something to do with our health system.

if we don't take care of this problem or feeling, we will drive our self to something bad,and also if destroy you if you don't beat it,anyway let's see what is the tips.


1-First Way is Routine:

Ian Cook, MD. He's a psychiatrist and director of the Depression Research and Clinic Program at UCLA, said If you’re depressed, you need a routine,Depression can strip away the structure from your life, and Setting a daily schedule can help you get back on track.

2-Second Way is Enough Sleep:

if you don't sleep enough it make the depression worse, make sure to get enough sleep, sleep and wake up everyday the same,it also can rest your mind functions.

3-Third Way is negative thoughts:

we all know that negative thoughts make the depression worse so,keep the negative thoughts away, don't ever start to think about it, because the more you think the deep you go on conclusions and thus you get worse and worse, so you need to change how you think to positive, it helps you to get rid of the depression.

4-The Last way is  Do something:

When you feel Depress, don't sit and just keep thinking, go out and do something, maybe have fun, go to museum or go out hang out  with friends, and have fun, just do something sitting and thinking it make it worse, trust me i'v tried it, and it doesn't  work,push yourself to do something and beat the depression.

Last thing to mention, keep yourself motivated, and never let the depression win, always think positive and be strong.

you have reach to the end of this post, you can also add another method or way to beat the depression, other than that i hope this post is helpful and have good day.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

App Review: Path App

Hello everyone, Welcome to the blog,in today's post gonna review a great app for sharing,i'm not talking about sharing a photo or a video,well the reason why i reviewed the app because it have something to do as bloggers, well as a blogger you want to share your content, like a latest post or something like that, but the app is focused on sharing, it have many options you can share,anyway we are going to look through this app.

What i like about this app, is its a free and have some cool features you can try,i mean alot of apps want to original so they add new stuff,or a new features for their app, and this app made by path mobile inc, and its a social networking,for me i reviewed in iPhone, so its hard what version for android to know, but it work in ios 7 and later.

And also the app have different languages,so whatever you speak or whatever your language as along as the app have it you can use it and make the text display as your language to understand it well,and make the most  of this app with friends.

Before we go through the app, lets see some of its great features,First you want to capture memory for you to remember later, and you want to make it look pretty, or even a video, well this app have a easy-to-use tool to edit,let's say it was funny moment and you want to express it, the app have an emjoy for that to you use,it's pretty fun.

This is crazy the app have a feature where you can see favorite places and discover recommendation from your friends, if you wanna go to somewhere and want an opinion, just share it in path app and friends will drop their opinions, and also you see favorite places as well.

You loved a song, or you just watched your favorite show in tv,and would love to share with your friends, well its possible in path app, and not only that but you are able to see what your friends's favorite shows,or even a movies.

Alright, i think its enough so lets get started and see what this app really looks like,i'm gonna go through the app step by step from the beginning.

Okay, This is what the first thing you gonna see, the login and the sign up buttons,if you already used this app well go for log in,but if you are not a member of this app, click on the sign up button, and by that you will agree to the app's terms of use and privacy policy.

 When you click on the sign up button in the previous step,you will not go to another page, this forms will pop up for you and you gonna fill them with requested forms, the number phone is to verify your account, as you can read in the bottom of the box,of course the open line for the country its necessary so make sure to pick the right one.
 Alright, and then when you click on "next" in the keyboard, the app will take pop up another box for you, and here where you gonna write your full name and birthday,and your gender,i'v saw some apps and application says "sex" instead of gender, and i don't really think its a right thing to say, like do you know when you use the right word,i'm shocked,anyway lets move to the next step.

 Last thing to set up the account is,the profile picture and its necessary for your friends to recognize you, or you can pick any picture and thats okay as long as your friends know its you,and after that just click i'm ready and that's the last thing, your account will be created, make sure you  don't forget the email and the password,in case you signed out, you will be asked in order to sign in again.
 These are optional steps,like if you have friends and want to tell them you are using this app you can Send them,but only in your contact list,otherwise just click skip as you can see in the bottom of the photo.

 This one also one of the optional steps,like if you want to get the latest notifications from your friends while you are off the app, will just click turn on option,you can see the things you will be notified,like if someone tagged you in a moment  you will be notified about that.
 Alright,Welcome to the app, now you are ready to use this app, before here is some tips on what you gonna see in this app, and as you can see i have mentioned it in the beginning of this post,anyway just click next and you gonna see something with a smile face saying that you can start a conversation with your friends, like share your moments and chat with them in one place, i don't have to put it, because its not interesting so lets just see what inside this app.

You are watching the Timeline page which you gonna see your friends moments and your moments as well, its like a page where you see Your  activities and  your friends' The way, if you wonder how you share your moments, you can see the tip in the read box, the middle button "The plus sign", its the function where you can choose what to share,we gonna take a look at that as well.

 Take a look at what you can share, as i said you can share something like,"hey guys look i'm blogging a new blog post", and include a photo for it, this way we can include a bloggers use for this, hahah,what you think? isn't a good idea ?, and see other bloggers as well, i will show what it looks when you click on one of these in seconds, just lets go through the page first.
 First page, i mean its the second page, the first one was the timeline page, anyway in this page it says "activity",i don't think it should be named like that, but the picture or the icon for it, it describe it, its the place where you will see notifications of activities,like when someone commented or liked your moments.
 We have jumped over the plus sign,because we already saw what is that, anyway in this page, as you can see, its the place where you will see friends requests and stuff, or also you can add friends, look at the top of the picture, Add Friends option, or you can accept friends request in Requests page.
 This is where your moments live and your profile, and as you can see everyone or every user will have a unique link to be recognize,its weird but i don't know why there is shop, i think, no why i think i'm sure its for stickers, you purchase stickers or you can find a free ones,and the settings page where you account settings live,i assume everyone know what the settings page contain,anyway as i said i will show what it looks like when you want to post something in this app, this is last page we gonna see you will expect the next photo is the last one.

 Here what it really look like, i'v picked a photo to share, and you can write something describe the photo and also you can tag people in as i mentioned before, in the top of the keyboard, and not only that but also where you took the picture,and what is that all icons, well you can also share your moments in path with those options, like a facebook or wordpress, or even email, share your moment in path with those apps, i think it because if you want to let your friends in the other app know that you using this app and so they can join you.

Alright, you have reached to the end of this article, i hope  you like it, and in the end of this article, you can download this app,other than that have a great day!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Salar de Uyuni

Hello Everyone, and Welcome to the blog, today  lets take the plane little further and take a look to different place,Alright in this post you gonna watch something different and incredible,but here is a thing, this place doesn't have a spot to land so i'm gonna give a view of this place and also a information through this post.

Alright the place is Salar de Uyuni or you  can call it Salar de Tunupa,anyway the name doesn't matter, and what is this place?, well its largest salt flat in the world, i assume you haven't heard about a salt flat, if you did, then that's awesome,but if you did not, then don't worry i will give you what is the salt flat,anyway maybe you heard about it but with name salt pan, and its the same,okay the salt flats are flat expanses of ground covered with salt and other minerals,and  usually it  shining white under the Sun, They are found in deserts with  natural formations.

We haven't know where is this place yet, well before we know where is it, the salar de uyuni is  about 10,582 square kilometers (4,086 sq mi), and thats why its the largest salt flat in the world, anyway before we go in little further in the details, the  place located in southwest Bolivia in Daniel Campos Province in Potosí.

Alright,The salar is something was created by sequential transformations of lakes, some lakes back from 30.000 to 42.000 years ago, that's crazy this place gone through many lakes,first one was giant prehistoric lake and later transformed into Paleo Lake Tauca having a maximal depth of 140 meters (460 ft),we not going through the transformations, but to get the idea we took two lakes that was known actually.

It's crazy because this place can be used as  Salt production, the salar contains a large amount of sodiums, potassiums, lithiums and magnesiums (which all in the chloride forms of NaCl, KCl, LiCl and MgCl2, respectively), as well as borax.

If you don't know that the lithium is arguably most important as it is a vital component of many electric batteries, and that With estimated 9,000,000 tonnes (8,900,000 long tons; 9,900,000 short tons),which make  Bolivia holds about 43% of the world's lithium reserves,and most of from salar de uyuni.

You reading this name and wonder what is this name ?,and what does it mean?, okay the name salar in the spanish language mean "Salt flat", and Uyuni originates from the Aymara language and means a pen (enclosure),Thus Salar de Uyuni can be loosely translated as a salt flat with enclosures, the latter possibly referring to the "islands" of the Salar; or as "salt-flat at Uyuni (the town named 'pen for animals'.

Alright this is everything you want to know about this place,so the last thing is you want to see what this place really look like, and its time for you enjoy the view of this place,so i will leave enjoy the pictures below, and i will catch you everyone in the next post, till then have a great day.

The Salar de Uyuni

The Salar de Uyuni

The Salar de Uyuni

The Salar de Uyuni

The Salar de Uyuni

The Salar de Uyuni

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Second Episode of Vitamins Series - Vitamin C

 Hello Everyone, Welcome to the Second post of today,you are reading the second episode of vitamins series,and we gonna take a look at the vitamin c in this episode, so First What is the Vitamin C?,we wonder what is that vitamin, and  its water-soluble vitamin,i'v mentioned it in the Vitamin A, and what is that mean ?,alright before i mention, let me explain, the vitamins Types, the vitamins could be  fat soluble or Water soluble, and each type hold number of vitamins, so far all we mentioned is Water soluble, and that means the vitamin capable of dissolving in water.

Vitamin C

okay now we know what is the vitamin c, lets take a look at what this vitamin hold from benefits for our heath system.

Vitamin C Benefits:

1-The First Benefit is Protection/Treatment:

if you don't know that the Vitamin C Well Known as an antioxidant, and these Antioxidants are forms of molecules that help keep chemical reactions in our body in check, and it help prevent excessive activity on the part of free radical molecules, and also prevent damages. Damage to the lens of the eye, damage to molecules circulating around in our bloodstream, and damage to genetic material (DNA) in our cells are all examples of damage that have been shown to be prevented under certain circumstances by vitamin C.

Additional to this,Epidemiologic evidence suggests that higher consumption of fruits and vegetables is associated with lower risk of most types of cancer,due to their high vitamin C content, because
Vitamin C can limit the formation of carcinogens, such as nitrosamines, in vivo modulate immune response  and, through its antioxidant function, possibly attenuate oxidative damage that can lead to cancer, However, evidence from prospective cohort studies is inconsistent, possibly due to varying intakes of vitamin C among studies.

And more,studies by Cameron and Campbell, and Pauling During 1970s,the vitamin C has beneficial effects on quality of life and survival time in patients with terminal cancer,However, some subsequent studies—including a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial by Moertel and colleagues at the Mayo Clinic,and also  Pauling suggested that vitamin C could successfully treat and/or prevent the common cold,Results of subsequent controlled studies have been inconsistent, resulting in confusion and controversy, although public interest in the subject remains high.

And even more, Evidence from many epidemiological studies suggests that high intakes of fruits and vegetables are associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease,This association might be partly attributable to the antioxidant content of these foods because oxidative damage, including oxidative modification of low-density lipoproteins,vitamin C has been shown to reduce monocyte adherence to the endothelium, improve endothelium-dependent nitric oxide production and vasodilation, and reduce vascular smooth-muscle-cell apoptosis, which prevents plaque instability in atherosclerosis.

2-The Second benefit is produce collagen:

if you don't know what is the Collagen, its a protein that plays a critical role in the structure of our bodies, and the Collagen is the framework for our skin and our bones, and without it, we would literally fall apart, its like the thing that keep our body strong and together.

3-The Third benefit is Brain Health:

The Vitamin C produce serotonin, and what is this?, Don't worry i will tell you, its a hormone that plays a critical role in wide variety of body systems, including the nervous system, endocrine system, immune system, and digestive system. Many of our moods, daily bodily rhythms (including sleep-wake cycles), and experiences of stress and pain have serotonin included as a factor in their occurrence.

and also the Vitamin C is necessary to make certain neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are the signals that carry thoughts, feelings, and commands around our brains and throughout our nervous system.

i think this is it,if you got anything in mind want to add, please make this as a community to share your thought too, its not only blog to read, and also to share your thoughts, and anything you want to share related to what this blog about, anyway lets see Vitamin C Sources.

Vitamin C Sources:



Bell Peppers









Healthy intakes of Vitamin  C:

As you Grow, the amount of Vitamin C will be increase,i will mention healthy amount of vitamin c can taken from 6 months,noway baby less than 6 months could eat, unless its milk, but if in case anyone somehow can give baby less than 6 months, it should be 40mg(to be honest i'm not sure, but you can also ask the doctor for more details on this).


1-6-12 months: 50 mg

2-1-3 years: 15 mg

3-4-8 years: 25 mg

4-9-13 years: 45 mg


5-14-18 years, female: 65 mg

6-14-18 years, male: 75 mg

7-19+ years, female: 75 mg

8-19+ years, male: 90 mg

9-Pregnant women, 14-18 years: 80 mg

10-Pregnant women, 19+ years: 85 mg

11-Lactating women, 14-18 years: 115 mg

12-Lactating women, 19+ years: 120 mg

13-Breastfeeding women: 120 mg/day

last thing i mention in this post is about, Smokers, Smokers  or those who are around secondhand smoke at any age should increase their daily amount of vitamin C an additional 35 mg per day, other than this you have reached to the end of this episode, i hope its Helpful for you, i mention it again, use this as Community not as regular article or post,you not here to read and leave, you can also community with others and share your thoughts, lets make a use of comments, thank you so much for reading, and have good day.

i'm going to provide a products, at the bottom of each article, if its health article, its gonna be health products, and its tech article its gonna be tech products,i will give it a try,please share your opinion, thank you.

Heath  Products:

Anti Aging Wrinkle Acne Facial Face Serum / CreamFace Skin Massager Deep Cleanser Spin Brush 

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The Hotel Monge

Hello Everyone, Welcome To Blog,Today's post gonna be help you out when you want to go to Eiffel Tower,from yesterday's post, i talked about the Eiffel tower,if you missed that you can check it here,anyway you want a good hotel,so why not take a look at this great hotel.

The name of the hotel is Hotel Monge, and it located in 55 Rue Monge, 75005 Paris,The hotel is about 5.4km far from the Eiffel tower, so its super easy to go and explore the tower,anyway before we look at the hotel's Features,lets take a look at its inside,okay the Hotel have a 24-hour front desk as well as room service are available at the property.

The Rooms in the Hotel offer a flat-screen TV, a telephone, that means you can enjoy watching your favorite show in the tv, and if you want to call someone, well you don't have to keep your phone with you everywhere in the hotel, you can use the telephone as well,additional to that each room have a private bathroom with free toiletries and a hairdryer.

You have a group to sit with you ?,its alright the hotel provide a seating area,where you can sit with your group and have fun together, or you can watch your tv show together,okay this is enough for the inside, now lets take a look around the hotel,a you feeling hungry ?, i mean the hotel provide you a food but if you want to try something else, you can find restaurants within a 5-minute walk, and also a small shops and if you are interested in bars well you can find it as well.

Okay now lets Take a look at the features and the services that the hotel provide for their Guests:

  • Free Wifi (as always the Wifi is free so you don't have to pay anything for that, and additional to this, there air-conditions, which mean its  perfect, browse the internet and never worry about the heats)
  • Pets Allowed (you can bring your pets to this hotel if there is none can take care of your pet,this hotel got you,if you want to explore paris, bring your pet as well,because this hotel allow to bring your pet inside)
  • Room service (The Hotel provide you A Room service.)
  • Cleaning services (The Hotel Also provide you a Cleaning services, such as Daily maid service,and Dry cleaning,and more )

You can also find Facilities for disabled guests in the hotel,anyway i think this is everything will interest you,if you don't know this hotel is one of the top picks in booking website,so that means its really good,the hotel rated 9.5.

I'm really sorry i cant tell you the price for the hotel, but i will provide you a link to two website you can book from, and you can check the price for you depend on your options.But before you book, Take a look at where you going to, its amazing hotel, i'm gonna end the post here,so have a great day!

Outside The Hotel Monge

Inside The Hotel Monge

Inside The Hotel Monge

Inside The Hotel Monge

Inside The Hotel Monge

Inside The Hotel Monge

Inside The Hotel Monge

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